Logo Catalog

Frank's Engraving ServiceYou can search our extensive database of over 750,000 logos for your logo. All logos must be black and white line art from the catalog. Please write down the ID number of the logo you would like engraved and put it on your engraving instruction page.

If you do not see your custom logo, we still have many more that are not cataloged. On your engraving instructions let us know what logo you need and we can check to let you know if we have it. Black and white line art can be created from your color artwork, normally priced from $20 -$65. Please ask for a quote.

To access the database, click the following link:
Username: free
Password: free

Don’t purchase the logo online, supply us with the ID number of the logo chosen.

If you have any other questions please contact us or call 703-892-6612 today.